My Ex Kissed Me, What Do I Make Out Of it

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Trying to move on and dealing with the break-up per say is painstakingly too much to handle at once, and then your ex does something that would impact you in a way you will get very confused with your recent status. I have had friends asking “my ex kissed me, what should I do?” Truth of the matter is, you know what to do, you just don’t know how and where to start with it. All you could think of is neither effective nor healthy(no offense!). Bottom-line is you have to find out what pushed them to kiss you, don’t over react just yet or jump into conclusions,. Instead of making assumptions talk to them about it.

Hold your Horses!

When your ex kissed you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to get back but still it’s a strong possibility of course. The kiss could also mean a lot of things, he could’ve been missed you, or he could’ve been drunk, or he might have been interested to see how you react. To tackle this issue, it’s also important that you be aware of how you felt during and after the kiss. Again don’t don’t go on thinking you’re now back together because of it. As baseline information to why it occurred, take into consideration how long you have been together, how long it’s been since the break up and how your present relationship status is.

The PRO’s And CON’s:

The positive and very valid reason could be that he wants you back. Since a kiss is a passionate indication of love, he might have been upset about the breakup the whole time, so he wanted to make a lasting impression and thus the kiss. If that’s the case you aren’t going to be left hanging about it, if he wants you back, he will tell you and you will have a mature conversation about it.

If he’s single at the moment, it’s more valid to believe that he really wants you back but things will be much more complicated if he’s dating or if he’s got a girlfriend. Harsh yet might be true that he’s playing you and this other girl, He can’t have the best of both worlds. So before things get any worse, break up contact and focus on yourself. If he really does want to get back, then he would break up or finish the present relationship he’s in and then talk to you rather than try to sweep you off by a sheer chance of kissing you again. Now if the break up is still fresh and he kissed you, that’s one of those desperate short-cut acts of trying to get back together and I don’t think it’s effective. A decent approach is to settle the issues first before actually getting back together.

My Ex Kissed Me, So What Do I Do Next?

It wouldn’t hurt to confront them about the recent event, this way they’ll get to see how you’re taking control of yourself. When you get the answers, at least you know what to expect and what not to even consider. It will take a lot of courage to go up to them and ask, but if they won’t do it themselves, you only have yourself to depend on. They will probably not give you a straight answer; expect that, everything will be reading between the lines, they won’t deny nor confirm anything that easily and that is the biggest dilemma when dealing with such situations.

Be honest with your feelings, you should also know what you want, if you want to get back as well then lay all your cards on the table. Read his body language and rethink your decision. If nothing still happens, I say get on with your life, you don’t want to be with a man who is scared of his own feelings. Even if the “getting back” feeling is mutual, don’t jump on it that quick, it’s important to sort out both your issues and settle them first before making a commitment, so that anything unwanted and irrational from the past could easily be avoided now. In the end, you have to understand that he didn’t just kiss you, you kissed him back, you didn’t do anything to protest, and you allowed it to happen. Maybe it’s your subconscious that wants him back and deep down inside you still have feelings for him? Clarify on that!  You both have reasons to why it happened, and those reasons are crucial to your next step.


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