“My Ex Is Jealous…”

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Does this mean that he or she still loves me? with.

It was said that there are few things that a person, suffering from a shattered relationship, needs to combat to make things turn to his or her side again. Most specifically, dealing with this emotional dilemma is the first pace that couples need to work out individually.

Jealousy: Does it Help

in Winning Them Back?

I believe that your minds are generating questions as to how to do it in a lightning speed. Most of you might think of the ways to win her back. You still love him or her. You know that your ex feels the same for you. So, why toil? Why suppress your feelings when you both can’t live without each other?

If you are thinking this way, better stop and lend me your ears. You deserve to be given the heads up to hit your main goal of giving your relationship a second chance.

First things first.

Here are the things that you should avoid in pushing for a plan of winning your ex back.

Contacting your ex immediately after the break up!

The bleeding heart is still weeping in extreme pain. The experience is still throbbing to reminisce. The wound is still fresh. Imagine what will possibly happen if you immediately call your ex few moments after this very sad experience. Do you think it will be helpful to bring her back? Do you think that begging her for forgiveness in the middle of his or her depression will turn everything on your side?

Of course, that’s stupid.

This is not to say against guys or girls. This is just to accentuate a very significant point that everybody must learn in dealing with break ups. “Striking the iron while it’s hot.” is a saying that is not applicable in this scenario. As much as you want to, never attempt to go into the battle knowing that your bullet can’t survive the ones used by the enemies. You will just push yourself to death.

This goes the same way with relationships and break ups. To win a battle, you should know where and when to attack. A perfect timing is necessary to revive a perfect love. Take a look at this. Your ex might have asked for enough time and space to think things over. This means that he or she is clearing his or her mind and heart with confusion. Well, if you really love this person, you ought to give what he or she wants. Love is generous. Love is kind.

In this times of bewilderment, be selfless. Though losing her or him in your sight is death, you should give your ex the things leading to his or her happiness. Thus, sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of the person you love is generosity. Generosity begets generosity. Take note with that.

Pleading, begging and making yourself too pitiful in front of her will just make you a desperate fool. This will just make her or him mad at you more than ever.

“But my ex is jealous.”

Second, making your ex feel jealous by dating somebody else is never a good idea as well. Let’s say that you are just doing this to show him or her that you can have someone better than your ex. But, let me tell you frankly. This does not make sense. You are not just pushing him or her away; but also, you are hurting an innocent heart as well. This is the most unfair thing that you can do to the three of you. I assure you, you will just mess up with the chance of getting her back.

Face the pain. Deal with it. Work with winning her heart again. No more, no less.


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